The Chandelier Showroom

Quality is everything.

The Chandelier Showroom

Based in north London, The Chandelier Showroom is the place to find the best quality Chandeliers of all kinds. Ranging from the Classic look Chandeliers you would normally find in stately homes to the ultra modern art gallery types. We can also create a completely custom chandelier to suit your needs, just get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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When adding some class to your home, there is nothing more essential than the right chandelier. We design, create and install custom classic chandeliers in brass, silver, gold or classic crystal. Contact us today to create your own classic chandelier, the perfect way to bring an inviting, understated elegance to the home.

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A chandelier can add a striking visual effect to unexpected spaces and can serve as the main source of light in any room. From the dining room to the entry foyer, chandeliers can create a grand welcome or an intimate atmosphere! Whether you’re searching for an updated pool table light, an individual dining table light or a unique one-of-a-kind chandelier, we can create it for you!

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When looking for a new centrepiece for your contemporary home, our modern chandeliers are exactly what you're looking for.